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Day 1 : Buenos Aires Airport Reception � Transport to Domestic Airport � Parana Airport Reception � Transport to Lodge � Short visit around the area � Dinner.
Day 2 To Day 6 : Full Breakfast in early morning � Fly fish, bait or trolling in different areas all the morning � Lunch in camping at banks or return to lodge (one or more hours boat). Excelents meals and wines, beers etc.- Afternoon , fish in different rivers and lagoons � Night , dinner at lodge.
Day 7 : Trasport to Parana  Airport � Reception in Buenos Aires Airport.

Minimun Group  2 Anglers
Maximun Group 6 Anglers

The Fishing in doing in Rivers,Virgin Lagoons,Creeks.We have Four new boats.All the fish is made in Corrientes Province. The Fish : Dorado is a favorite game fish of local fishermen in Argentina, people call, Tiger of the River, is realy a Argentina�s Golden Treasure. Is considered to be ,the most challenging fresh water game fish of South America, for the superb fighting Spirit, with the aerobatics leaps, powerful strikes, and line streching runs. The cientific name is Salminus Maxillosus, where describe the powerful jaws. The name Dorado (Golden) refers to the beatiful colours, yellow, orange, and black, combination of this , produce spectacular flashes, when it jump, under the gleamming sun. The average weight is between 6 Pds (3Kg.) to 12 Pds.(6Kg.), is normal a broken line, result of the brutal attack from a heavy fish. Very few people have already seen it. The small Dorados are best described as a prehistoric Trout, with huge head, and powerful jaws.  Live in an area between southern Brasil, down to Buenos Aires . The fishing season in this area run all year around (excep Nov.2 to Dec. 15), but the best moment is  December to March, because is the hottest period.

Larger Dorados, normaly hunt alone, and are very active in late hours (dusk). The largest fish on record is believed to be a close 75 Lbs (34 Kg.).  Golden, take the fly hard, and are famous for their jumping abilities, and hard run. The sharp teeth, and powerful jaws will bend out hooks, and may cut wires. We advise to use barbless hooks, with good penetration, for a quick release. This fish  live in hostile environment, then you may find with their tales and fins, bitten by piranhas and others Dorados.
Local people catch Dorados using dead bait, but a large lure or wobbler is very good. In places for fly fish, you may expect to catch around 10 to 12 Dorados a day. You will lose as many fish as you catch., and remember, that, hooks must to be razor sharp.

Fishing is done mainly from the banks of the river and lagons.
The day starts at dawn, visiting the numerous fishing sites, until sunset. The fishermen have the option to return to lodge, enjoy a lunch and take a nap, to return later to fish.

Location and Fishing Information

Dorado(golden)-Corrientes-Esquina-Ham. - South America. Argentina. Corrientes province.This area  is surrounded by great rivers, like the Paran� and Uruguay, and several others lesser size but nonetheless important. Its central part shows a swampy plateau covered by lagoons and smaller bodies of water.

Right beside the Paran� river lies the city of Corrientes, about 955 km from Buenos Aires. The architecture is mostly Spanish colonial in the old neighborhoods, with a vibrant downtown with modern sky scrapers.

The climate is subtropical with no dry season, which accounts for a pleasant and warm winter. Median temperatures are 26 to 28 degrees Celsius in the summer, and 14 to 16 Celsius during the winter.

Most widely known (and sought for) fishing species is the Dorado (Golden Fish, Salmonius Maxillosus) highly regarded by the sportment for its unbelievable fighting spirit. Its habitat is the Paran� river down to the River Plate, and tributaries. Our main fishing zone is around the town of Esquina ;
a captivating landscape, that shows off in a variety of gifted-by-nature colours all year around, and a vast island area. The confluence of the rivers Parana and Corrientes, make an incredible place for fish.


The Lodge. Excelents meals,Drinks,(Free Beers, and Wines).
, which is located amongst a privileged scenary combined of rivers and a rich vegetation, offers a bran new concept in what adventure turism reffers. In fact, we count with a perfect infrastructure made for absolute confort of our clients. single rooms, double etc. Private bath

Our lodge is run by its own owners offering an exclusive and personal dedication and atenttion to each one of the clients. The posada consists of a main building and typical cottages with necessary confort required, made of single or double bedrooms with private or shared bathrooms, living-rooms, dining-rooms and a 24 hours bar service.
Its eleven bedrooms respond to the high demanding requirements from clients offering a great combination of TV service in each room, air conditioning and heating service, as well as laundry and cleaning service.

This lodge includes a great swiming pool surrounded by exotic palm trees and other typical vegetation, a private covered garage, service of Tel. Fax, DDI and DDN.
Located in a privileged place with river side view, our excellent Restaurante based on argentinean and local food offers a great combination and contrast in taste and variety with the international cuisine.
Together with typical dishes of the area, there are also special ones made of diferent prays either fished or hunted during the day, accompanied by the well known in its excellency of argentinean wines

Available Dates:

All year around,   except November 2  to December 15
Price: US 2950
5 days Fly Fishing-Bait-Trolling
6 Nights
7 Days
Book Now - "What the guide charges, is what you will pay and nothing extra. No middleman fees ~ book direct or contact the guide today!"
John Openshaw ~ President,
USD $ 2,950.00 Dorado(Golden)-Corrientes-Esquina-Ham
The inicial reserve is 50% of the total price, non refundable. However, for reasons beyond your control and only at our discretion, we could choose to reimburse all or part of your deposit, or apply it to another trip, future tour or another fisherman.

Best time of the year: September, October, November

Location: Esquina - Corrientes Province - Rep. Argentina - South America

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