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Fishing India
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Located on the border of India and Nepal, the river Mahakali is a torrential and voluminous river. Its location has ensured that it remains relatively isolated and this perhaps has been a major factor for it being one of the most productive rivers in North India for the Mahseer fish.   
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TOKARA ISLANDS, one of the best places in the world to fish. Beginners will be fully assisted by experienced English speaking guide and skipper. Likewise professional anglers will fish according to their wishes. Fishing Method Tokara Islands, a group of islands lying on the sea in the south of Kagoshima, southern part of Kyusyu Island, Japan.   
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Malaysia, covering the Malay Peninsula and the north and north-western part of the Island of Borneo offers a prime tropical paradise that presents the angler with an opportunity to discover one of the world's newest game fishing destinations.    
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Northern Mongolia - encounter the mighty Taimen on this outstanding fishing adventure - stunning scenery, experiences of nomadic life, and of course excellent fishing for Taimen, Lenok Trout and Grayling   
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Kamchatka peninsula is also a Land of Volcanoes - this is what will impress you most while landing in the airport - White pyramids of majestic volcanoes. Unique nature, Geysers, hot springs, and.. still a lot of things reminding of a fomer Soviet Era. Worth to see. Impressions of a lifetime.   
South Korea   
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Nearly all of South Korea's trout streams are located in the Gangwon Province. These streams are spread over the entire province and range from small creeks to medium-sized freestone rivers.    
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Bungsamran Lake is situated in Bangkok and is the most famous and finest fishing lake in Thailand. This Bangkok freshwater lake is well-known for its Mekong Giant Catfish and Siamese Giant Carp which are rarely found anywhere else in the world.