South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida Peacock Bass FishingSouth Florida Peacock Bass FishingSouth Florida Peacock Bass FishingSouth Florida Peacock Bass Fishing
USD $ 585.00 2 full 8 hour days bass peacock fishing (2 persons per boat)
USD $ 325.00 Full Day Florida Peacock bass Fishing Trip
USD $ 425.00 Full day trip for 3
USD $ 250.00 Half Day Peacock Bass Fishing Trip
USD $ 250.00 Half Day trip (4 hours)
USD $ 650.00 Peacock bass fishing in South Florida

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South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing — Florida (FL) Package:2001469

South Florida peacock bass fishing with  Bassmaster Guide Service is truly a memorable event. We specialize in South Florida peacock bass, largemouth bass, Florida Everglades bass fishing, Miami fishing charters and Lake Okeechobee bass fishing.

The peacock bass was introduced to South Florida waters back in 1984. These fish are a native species of the Amazon River basin. Peacock bass are not a realative of it's closely resembling North American counterpart (the largemouth bass) but are a member of a family of fish known as Cichlids. There are over 800 different types of Chichlids known worldwide and they are commonly found in the aquariums of freshwater fish enthusiasts. Over twenty thousand peacock bass were released into lakes and canals of South Florida to aid in controlling the burgeoning population of exotic fishes such as the spotted tilapia and other types of Cichlids that were released by their owners into the South Florida ecosystem once they became too big for their tanks. Because of their sensitivity to cold weather, South Florida is the only place in the contiguous United States that they have been successfully stocked. The only other places that you do not need a passport to catch these fish are Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The South Florida peacock bass grow at an alarmingly fast rate, reaching a pound in size in their first year! To fuel this growth, the peacock bass must eat a tremendous amount. This makes them eager to attack all different types of baits and lures. The faster the retrieve the better when fishing for this species. It is not uncommon to catch forty or fifty fish in a day, and there is no need to rise at the crack of dawn to catch these fish, as they feed the most during the middle of the day.

The state record currently for a butterfly peacock bass is just over 9 pounds. Since the addition of the butterfly peacock bass to the IGFA world record listings in 1996, nearly every butterfly peacock bass world record has come from the South Florida area. As they continue to grow, the records will continue to fall and you will notice that nearly all the records are the same size, paralleling the growth of the first generations of fish.

Get in on the action! For sheer excitement, pound for pound peacocks may be the hardest fighting freshwater fish around.

Location and Fishing Information

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing - South Florida area including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches. We also guide on world famous lake Okeechobee upon special request.


We provide everything that you need for your day on the water including the finest rods/reels, artificial bait and ice for your beverages.

We also have a corporate room rate agreement with the Crowne Plaza hotel chain if you need assistance with room reservations.

Fishing Season

365 days a year. Please inquire on current weather and fishing reports.
Please contact us today- to reserve a date.
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