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River, Loch And Sea Combined

If you have ever spent a week looking at a river or loch where the chances of a fish seem to diminish rather than improve this might be the solution for you. This package includes the opportunity to fish one or two of the Solway rivers for Sea trout, Trout or Salmon. To fly fish for Pike on one of the secluded locks in a float tube or Pontoon boat, and to try your hand at fishing out in the Solway for various Saltwater species.


Day 1
Staying at Kinmont - Fishing on Annan
Fly fishing on the attractive loch at Kinmmont house near Annan where you will have the opportunity to fly fish for pike during the day and to fish in the evening and into darkness on a delightful steamy beat on the River Annan.

Day 2
Staying at Kinmont - Fishing on Solway
On the second day we will drive to Kurcudight and board the Burnswark for a days fishing in the Solway. depending on the weather there will be opportunities to fish for ground species like cod and pollack over wreak and rock marks. To try fly fishing or lure fishing for mackerel bass and pollack. Tope and rays are also a prime target species in the lower Solway.  

Day 3
Staying at Kinmont - Fishing on Annan
Back on the river Annan and lochs for another session at pike in the day and sea trout in the evening or over to the border Esk if conditions are more favorable.

Day 4
Staying at Kinmont - Fishing on Annan
Perhaps a try for the mullet that cruise the tidal areas of the upper Solway and Annan estuary Followed by Sea trout fishing or a try for the big own trout thats are to be found in the upper areas of the catchment.

Day 5
Staying at Kinmont - Fishing on Annan
Chance to hone those skills with another day and evenings fishing on one of the local rivers.

Day 6
- Fishing on Kinmont
On the last day we will leave the choice to you we could have another day out on the boat or perhaps the fishing has been particularly good in one of the other areas we have tried. This should prove to be a very interesting week for the holiday angler and we will make every effort to be as flexible as we need to be to get the best of the local fishing opportunities, or try something different. Mullet on the fly perhaps?

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GBP � 918.00 Per Person
Minimum party size 4 persons or a surcharge will apply.
� 350 deposit required per person.

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