Conservation of the wilderness and fisheries


Catch and release fishing is gaining in popularity as more and more anglers are becoming concerned about our fisheries. Increasing numbers of anglers are fishing both accessible waters and remote areas.

Catch and release fishing, zero catch limit or size limit regulations are mandatory in some waters. Without these regulations, the preservation of many fisheries could only be achieved through increased season closures. Sportfishing is so popular that demand often exceeds the capabilities of local waters to produce sufficient numbers of fish.

More and more people who fish for sport are choosing to release their catch to ensure good fishing for another time. This catch and release philosophy suggests that angling is valued as a high-quality recreational experience, rather than just a way to secure food.

The most common reason catch and release has become so popular is that anglers simply want to help the fishery. It has been said that "Releasing a fish back into the water is the single greatest personal contribution an angler can make to a local fishery."

Many organizations, trusts, individuals, fishing guides and businesses encourage and contribute to the preservation, support and conservation of the wilderness and fisheries.

The practice of voluntary catch and release fishing is "catching on"!

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