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Fishing Vacations and Fishing Trips to the United States - Bass Fishing & Wade & Drift Fly Fishing.   
South America   
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South America - Brazil, Argentina & Chile. Argentina is a large and beautiful country and also identified as a world class fly fishing destination.   
North America   
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United States, Canada & Mexico. British Columbia Fishing - Fishing Trips to Canada - Salmon Fishing in BC.   
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Fishing England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Republic and more...   
Central America   
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Fishing Central America, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. Luxury Caribbean Island Fly Fishing in Belize.   
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Fishing Caribbean, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia and more... Bahamas Bonefishing and Fly Fishing Trips.   
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Fishing Australia & Fly Fishing New Zealand. Fishing Guides in Australia; Tropical North Queensland - Mission Beach and Australia Saltwater Flyfishing   
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Fishing Asia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand and more... Malaysia, covering the Malay Peninsula and the north and north-western part of the Island.   
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Fishing Africa, South Africa, Seychelles & Egypt. Fly Fishing Vaal River Excursions South Africa. We specialize in guiding groups.   
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Okuma Fly Boxes
Photograph Wayne Wallace
"Lifetime memories can't be better than this. In Iceland in August 2005, with only a single day to get to the river and see about some fishing, Palmi got us in, hooked us up with beautiful fish, and took us to a nice local home for an Icelandic dinner."
Wayne Wallace ~ United States

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