Brown Trout Adventure In Estonia

Brown Trout Adventure In EstoniaBrown Trout Adventure In EstoniaBrown Trout Adventure In EstoniaBrown Trout Adventure In Estonia
EUR € 150.00 1 Angler -Full day guiding
EUR € 200.00 2 Anglers - Full day guiding
EUR € 250.00 3 Anglers - Full day guiding
EUR € 300.00 4 Anglers - Full day guiding

Package Details and Information

Brown Trout Adventure In Estonia — Lääne-Virumaa Package:65001564

A main reason for coming to Estonia for fishing is brown trout and fishing in wild nature. Brown trout here is natural, with very beautiful color; fish is very strong and sometimes extremely selective. Precise casts, light movement of the fisherman and right equipment and fly are the keys to success.

During your trip we visit clear creeks and fast-running rivers, wild nature and beautiful countryside and chase wild Estonian brown trout.

Trip can last only few days are full week. Choice is always yours.

Location and Fishing Information

Brown Trout Adventure In Estonia - We will visit two main zones during our fishing trip, North-Estonia and Middle-Estonia. Most our best rivers are situated there.

Rivers in first fishing zone are rather wide and they are located in big forests. They have nice rapids, rocky bottom and beautiful surrounding. You can see different wild animals during your fishing day, even finding a bear track isn't very rare. Beside brown trout, you have big change to catch grayling as well.

Rivers in second zone are little smaller, but deeper, with clear spring water. Rivers are located in big swamps in the middle of wild nature. It takes rather long hike, to get to the rivers, but it is always worth it. Only fish in these rivers is brown trout, but fish is really beautiful and strong.


Nice and cozy tourism farm near to the best Estonian brown trout rivers. House has everything what one fishermen group needs for cooking, relaxing and enjoying the evening after good fishing day.  

House is situated in quiet countryside with beautiful surrounding and with short distance from wildest brown trout rivers in Estonia.

Besides roomy kitchen and cozy sleeping rooms you have opportunity to have sauna, barbecue in grill house and even play soccer in sports field if you are not tired from a fishing day.

If you are adventures, then sleeping in tent at the shore of wild brown trout rivers is also possible.

Fishing Season

Just let us know about exact wishes of yours and we make sure that our package is customized according to your wishes and it will meet your needs.
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