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Water: Teviot Kale
Location: Bowhill, Selkirk
Region: Scottish Borders
Fish Type: Trout, Salmon, Grayling, Sea Trout
Angling Club: Buccleurch Estates, River & Loch
Postcode/Zip: TD7 5ES
Country: United Kingdom
Contact: The Estate Office
Phone: 01750 20753
Fax: 01750 22172
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Photograph Gary Eugene Tonkery
"My trip was absolutely the finest fishing adventure I�ve had to date. Fishing the Alagnak was just unbelievable, the sockeye salmon were plentiful, and the scenery and peaceful surroundings were just phenomenal. The guides were extremely helpful, the equipment was reliable, and the whole operation was first rate. Definitely an experience I would love to repeat."
Gary Eugene Tonkery

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