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Water: Burlington Pond
Location: Dalton-In-Furness
Region: Cumbria
Angling Club: Furness FA
Country: United Kingdom
Contact: Mr. Atkinson
Phone: 01229 464443
Permit: Day permits from Angling & Hiking Centre, 62 Forshaw Street, Barrow.
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Photograph Ed de la Torre
"Looking for a first rate Steelhead fishing experience on the fly? Well here you go. This is the ultimate rush of fly fishing for trophy size steelhead on the Kalum River a trib of the mighty Skenna in B.C. Holding a 37" fully colored buck in hand is indescribable in experience. Lodge accommodations, is also first rate. Tracey for a week of fun and chase will provide a memory that will last a lifetime!!! "TIGHT LINES"
Ed de la Torre

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