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Fishing Rockport Texas


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We furnish all tackle , Bait , clean and package fish, We fish off of a 22ft. Blazer Bay boat for a dry comfortable ride. We drift fish and wadefish, and anchor fish holes. I will costemize your trip to fit your needs and fishing abilitlly. All are welcomed and enjoy taking the kids.

Location and Fishing Information

Fishing Rockport Texas - Rockport Tx. We fish the waters of San Antonio Bay, Aransas Bay, Redfish bay Courpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay.

Available Dates:

We fish year round for trout and redfish. Also in the spring we target bull drum. Trout are usally better in the spring and earlly summer, redfish summer through the fall and winter.
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John Openshaw ~ President,
USD $ 375.00 1 person $375
USD $ 600.00 1-4 people Baffin Bay $600
USD $ 425.00 2 people $425
USD $ 475.00 3 people $475
USD $ 525.00 4 people $525
USD $ 575.00 5 people $575

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Photograph Roy
"One of the rare places left where the guides get your line into the fish not just the water. If you want to fish at a place where the air is clean, the wild life is unbelievably abundant, and any cast can be a new worlds record no matter what you are fishing for, or a fishing trip that you think you died and went to heaven on. You know that this is where you want to be."

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